Monday, July 29, 2013

The 2014 Trek 7.6 FX. The Best Bike For Whatever You're Doing


Don't call it a fitness bike. The 2014 Trek 7.6 FX is the most versatile bike EVER


 Some may call it a fitness bike, but it can be used for so many different things! It's fast, fun, agile, and appeals to roadies, commuters, fitness fans, errand runners, Sunday riders, and more! Trek's Top end FX models grab popular road bike technology like an E2 tapered head tube and fork and simple, light 2x10 gearing for a fast sporty ride. The E2 head tube tapers from a 1.5" lower to a 1-1/8" upper, placing more material where it matters for the full stiffness of a 1.5" without the added weight. Another weight saving feature is the lightweight front fork with carbon fiber legs to soak up hand-numbing road vibration.

More vibration control is handled by IsoZone technology and super comfortable Bontrager bars and grips encourage you to ride as long as you'd like! Trek has combined their speedy, yet stable FX geometry with tube shapes inspired by Trek's road heritage for a lightweight ride that's fast and fun. Why get a 2014 Trek 7.6 FX? Get fit, ride to work, pull the kids, haul groceries, cruise the neighborhood, and so much more... all on FX.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brand New 2014 Trek Bikes Are Here! Session, Fuel, Remedy, Superfly

2014 Trek World Bike Release Sees 2014 Models of Session, Superfly (Full Suspension), Fuel EX 26, Elite and Stache

Trek has announced at their Annual Trek World event that they will no longer be "rushing to finish product in time for a deadline, and no more will your bike become obsolete when the calendar ticks by. Instead ... bikes will be released as and when they are ready" (

Now you can buy a new Trek bike feeling confident that it won't depreciate as greatly over the course of the year. Sure, the bikes will be updated, and there may still be some excitement surrounding a bike launch, but Trek wants to make sure their technologies are at their full potential before releasing them, ensuring that you get the best products at the right time.

What does this mean? For us, it means that the Session, Superfly Full Suspension, Fuel EX 26, Elite and Stache FRAMES will remain unchanged for 2014, but we will be seeing some new color schemes and trickle down componentry. Trek has embraced all three wheel sizes in their new range to show how well each wheel size works in each category.

Here's a breakdown from At an entry level hardtail price point the X-Caliber now owns the show, 29-inch wheels and bikes to suit almost any pocket in terms of pricing.

 Once you tip over the X-Caliber range, the Superfly range begins. Again a 29-inch hardtail bike that Moving away from the XC crowd towards the trail end of the market the Fuel EX has made a big upgrade this year in terms of wheel size.

 The Fuel EX 29 utilizes a 120mm suspension platform and revamped geometry and frame design to incorporate the bigger wheel size. has been tweaked for this year aimed firmly at the XC market with 100mm of front end travel. Alongside the Superfly hardtail is the Superfly Full Suspension (that remains unchanged) The way Trek sees it the extra speed and easy power from a bigger wheelsize makes the 29er the perfect platform for the entry-level market, as well as the XC crowd too.

Jumping up a gear again, the Remedy range also sees a major update. Not just a 29er version but also, you've waited for it, yes a 27.5 version too. This sparks a new deabte, 650b, 27.5, what are we gonna call it?  With this choice in wheelsize, you get to decide which you would prefer according to how and where you ride.

The 29er version is a long travel big-wheeled machine if ever there was one sporting 140mm of tuned front and rear suspension. The 27.5 version shares the same suspension platform, but obviously sports the smaller wheel size.

The Slash is back again and is a real all-mountain killer! This year it too gets the bigger wheeled treatment, yet retains the 150mm travel platform from last year. 27.5-inch wheels
adorn the new bike which looks great in black and orange paint schemes.

Monday, July 22, 2013

[PHOTOS] Brand New 2014 Trek Madone 2.0 Series

(Published on

The 2014 Trek Domane 2-Series Gets a Makeover

"The Domane is Trek's comfort bike and uses the proprietary IsoSpeed decoupler; essentially a pivot between the seattube and toptube which allows the two to flex independently. The Domane was developed in conjunction with Fabian Cancellara for the cobbled Classics, and is well suited to the demands of regular riders seeking a combination of comfort and performance.

 While 4, 5, and 6-Series Domanes are based around a carbon fibre frame, 2-Series machines use an aluminum frame. The seattube on the first run of 2-Series frames was formed by welding two tubes together to ensure the correct balance of strength and compliance but Trek have managed to overcome this by using double-tubing, thereby forgoing the weld and significantly improving the aesthetics of the frame.

Speaking of which, while there are color updates across the Trek range, the Domane 2.1 and 2.3 have undergone a significant makeover, with subtle color-matched components across the bike. "

All in all this bike looks great and would be great on the road! Come to your one-stop-Trek-shop—
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Friday, July 19, 2013

Review of 2013 Trek Madone 6.2 Aero Road Bike (2014 Coming Soon)

2013 Madone 6.2 Aero Road Bike from Trek - Smoother and Faster

You may have always wanted a Trek Madone.  Maybe your heart said yes and your pocket book said no.  This might be the year when your head and your heart overrule the purse and you finally get your Madone.   James Huang at Bike Radar had this to say about the 2013 Trek Madone:
As expected, the aero claims are eye opening: 25 watts of saved energy at 40km/h compared to the previous Madone – nearly two minutes per hour. We can't verify those figures ourselves without hitting the wind tunnel – and they certainly can't be felt while out on the road – but what we can confirm is that Trek has carried over most of the existing Madone DNA to produce yet another solid ride
Huang goes on to note: 
Virtually everything is carbon fiber, too, including the bearing seats for the integrated headset and bottom brackets and the rear dropouts. Once again, the non-driveside chain stay incorporates a pocket for the ultra-tidy Bontrager DuoTrap wireless speed and cadence sensor.
You can see the changes, feel the changes, get excited about the changes to the 2013 Trek Madone 6.2. The frame is 600 series OCLV carbon which uses advanced aerospace materials and weight-saving, performance-enhancing process to have the best blend of frame weight and strength. Trek knows that the better a bike fits, the greater the comfort, stability, power, and control of the ride. They use their H2 fit which features a slightly higher head tube to put less strain on your back and neck. Trek has really taken time to make sure that this frame fits women specifically.
Going from frame to components, the bike comes equipped with an all Shimano Ultegra drivetrain. The shifters are Shimano STI 10-speed. STI is Shimano Total Integration, and it allows the rider to easily switch gears from the same location as the brake, should you need to do both in rapid succession. The STI shifters control the front and rear Shimano Ultegra derailleurs, which means you can be confident that each shift is going to be swift and sure.

LEAK- 2014 Shimano Ultegra 6800 11-speed

To ensure your comfort, Trek went with Bontrager for the saddle, handlebars, and grips. Bontrager is the industry leader when it comes to comfort, ensuring the rider that the bike will be extremely comfortable as well as reliable. Did you know we now have 6 stores to serve you. 

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

TREK NEWS: 2014 Triathlon Specific Speed Concept Bike Released

Trek Shows Off Their All New Speed Concept Time Trial Bike

Trek has taken 437 grams off the frame weight of the previous incarnation of the time trial bike, improved aerodynamics and reduced the frontal area, making it faster in real world riding conditions. Trek also claims that they have improved fit, adjustability, and assembly time.

Trek has modified the Kammatail Virtual Foil tube profiles, updated the shape to improve aerodynamics in a wider range of yaw angles compared to the previous bike.

There are also "fillet's"between the main frame tubes to increase side surface area - reducing drag at higher yaw angles and stiffening the frame.  For the fork, Trek has followed Cervelo's lead and gone with a choice of two different options. First, a standard fork that is UCI compliant with a 3:1 aspect ratio. For the triathletes out there, there is a UCI-illegal, high aspect ratio (6:1) fork specifically designed to achieve every last bit of aerodynamic gain possible.

What do all of these improvements mean in terms of time savings? Trek claims that the new Speed Concept will yield a rider averaging a 20 mph of savings of over a minute and a half on an Ironman course compared to the old Speed Concept. ProTour rider Fabian Cancellara was brought in to test the new design in a velodrome, the results of which would indicate that a rider of his caliber might save between 30 and 40 seconds on the new bike in a one-hour time trial.

The new design sports a redesigned stem and seatpost, each with fewer bolts and moving parts than the current model's design, as well as simplification in other areas that reportedly decrease build time of a new machine by over an hour!

The new model boasts the same frame measurements of the current lineup, but Trek did redesign the handlebar system, allowing for a wider range of fit options and the ability to effectively fine tune the fit of the Speed Concept to an indvidual athlete's needs.

 The Speed Concept is sure to be a triathlon bicycle against other bicycles are measured for many years to come.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The 2013 Trek Stache 7 is Absolutely Incredible!

The 2013 Trek Stache 7 gives Trek good reason to proudly

proclaim, "Welcome to the future. Trail, meet your new master"

The Stache 7 begins with Trek's Alpha Platinum Aluminum Frame with their signature tapered E2 head tube and steeply sloped top tube for extra clearance for your groin despite the 29" wheels. All the gear cabling is internal, and using amazing techniques in hydroforming, Trek made the frame asymmetrical (flared and offset) with a concave backed seat tube for wheel and direct mount front merch clearance. The G2 geometry also gives a distinctively light feel to the steering, so even with a 90mm stem you will have little trouble turning the front wheel sharply.

There's more than enough stiffness in the frame to allow the rider to put every ounce of their power into forward movement. You'll get a lot of torque and traction on climbs and marshy ground too.

The RockShox Recon Silver front fork is a bit heavier than most front suspension forks, but it's definitely worth the weight. With 20mm more travel than most 29er hardtails, it will boost your confidence on those big drops and help you maintain control over rocks and logs. While most trail 29ers stick with a 100mm travel fork to avoid jacking the front end too high, Trek increased control with 120mm stroke fork. Gary Fisher custom G2 geometry is shown in a 15mm axle and the tapered steerer.

"While it can feel nervous and fluttery at first, the long wheelbase means it's still an impressively stable bike once you learn to trust it, and the low bottom bracket means you can really rip through corners with wheels scrabbling as you search for the exit point" (

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Friday, July 12, 2013

SRAM Unveils 2 New 11-Speed Groupsets

Brand New 2013 Groupsets From SRAM. Red 22 and Force 22 

Upgrading to 11-speeds (True 22) and using hydraulic brakes (disc and rim), all the while continuing to provide quality components in the rest of the departments, including AeroGlide and Yaw Technologies.

SRAM has released two new groupsets, the Red 22 and the Force 22.

Let's start with the

SRAM Red 22

It's nice to see SRAM moving two groupsets, Red and Force, to 11-speed. But why have they decided to call them True 22?
With a double chainset and 11-speed cassette you clearly get 22 different gearing options, and SRAM says you can run the chain in the large chainring and the largest sprocket, and in the small chainring at the smallest sprocket. They don't necessarily advocate cross chaining, but it can be done.

Continuing the Yaw Technology first introduced on their last Red groupset frees you from the need to trim the front mech when moving across the cassette to avoid chainrub. It's also worth noting that the shifters, mechs, chainsette and cassette are not compatible with 10-speed components, although Red and Force 22 components can be used interchangeably.

 So how are the components? The shift levers are the same weight as the previous model (280g) and continue to use the proprietary Double Tap system where shifting in both directions is controlled by a paddle that sits behind the brake lever. The rear mech also has the same weight (145g) and look from the previous design, and all of the technology from before has been carried over including the AeroGlide Pulleys designed to dampen sound, and the ceramic pulley bearings. (You can run an 11-32 tooth sprocket with SRAM's WiFLi rear mech, but it will cost you an extra 21g)

While the front mech looks similar to before, it has been modified to work as part of the True 22 system. The cage rotates slightly when you move it across so that it stays inline with the chain. This eliminates the need to adjust the front mech when you move the chain across the cassette. SRAM points out that this front merch isn't compatible with a 10-speed system. The chainsets (available in 53/39-tooth, 50/34, 46/36 and 52/36 in GXP, PressFit, PF30, and BB30) offer the same key features of the existing Red chainset, including Exogram cranks with hollow carbon arms and spider. Caliper cable operated brakes haven't been redesigned, but are still fantastic. Aerolink arms provide impressive power and there is enough clearance for use with wider wheels.

Moving on to the

SRAM Force 22

We only really need mention that the front derailleur uses Yaw Technology modified to work with an 11-speed system. The mech is compatible with both clamp (31.8mm and 34.9mm) and braze-on designs. Comes with the chain spotter also to stop you from overshifting inwards and damaging your frame. Considerably ligher than last year's the Force front merch weighs in at just 79g. The rear derailleur also comes in two versions, short cage, and medium length compatible with WiFLi cassettes.
Now on to what you really want to know about.
Hydraulic Brakes on a Road Bike...?

As has been speculated widely over recent months, SRAM is introducing hydraulic braking as an option with these new groupsets - both disc brakes and rim brakes. They're also offering these braking options to users of 10-speed systems. SRAM has loads of experience in hydraulic braking through their Avid brand, but rather than adapting current mountain bike braking system to the road market, they have completely redesigned things completely with road-specific calipers and piston ratios. The HRR (Hydraulic Road Rim) brakes can be fitted to standard road frames and forks in the place of
normal mechanical brakes without the need for any special mount points. The HRD (Hydraulic Road Disc) brakes require a disc-specific frame and forks and hubs that will take the rotor. The HRD system provides more braking power than the HRR system, and it's far less affected by wet weather. Plus with the brakes working on a steel rotor rather than on the carbon or aluminum rim, no heat is transferred to the tire or the tube. The new SRAM Red components, including hydraulic brakes, should be available mid to late July. The S-Series 10-speed hydraulic brakes will be available at the same time. The new SRAM Force components will be shipped about a month later.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

2013 Trek CrossRip Elite - Best All-Around Bike Under $1000

The CrossRip is a chugger, not a tight and twitchy ride.

 If you're looking for a disc-equipped, cyclocross-inspired do-it-all-bike, look no further than the 2013 Trek Crossrip. It's a great option as an "all-arounder" and works great as a commuter. 

It starts with Trek's Alpha 100 Aluminum frame, and the Crossrip is nicely built and finished. The carbon-bladed, alloy steerer fork is cyclocross length so that lifts the front of the bike over what you'd expect from a road fit. The resulting position is comfort-oriented; with the stem pointing down so you can flip for an even higher front. 

You can generally tell whether a company things a CX bike will actually be used for CX by looking at the gearing and tires. On the CrossRip, you find a road compact chainset (FSA Vero) and wide cassette, and Bontrager 32mm hardcase touring tires. Other touches mark this out as more of a town bike, for example the security-conscious skewers that open with an allen key, and the urban camo paint job.

(FSA Vero Crank pictured right)

So this disc-equipped commu-tourer is a bike for a bit of everything. It's very capable on the tarmac and it's perfect for unsurfaced paths too, as the beefy Bontrager tires can shed off flints and thorns easily. Another nice feature of the CrossRip Elite is the traditional bend drop bar, which some people find to be more comfortable than the ergonomic bends on the market.

The brakes are really, really good. They are Hayes CX5 mechanical discs that work superbly: lots of power and great modulation. This control and reliability makes downhilling lots of fun. This bike is good at speed, stable and reassuring with it's direct steering. 

(internal routing pictured right)

Shifting-wise, Shimano's Sora is massively better than it's previous incarnation. There's one more ratio, but the real change is from thumbshift to proper Dual Control with the downshift behind the brake lever. Much easier to use from multiple position and lighter too. The Sora's STI shifters create a nice and flat hand area and feel comfortable on the hands. They have a smooth action when shifting and pulling the brake lever. 
In the rear there is an 11-32 cassette coupled with a 50/34 compact up front. The CrossRip also comes with rack and low rider mounts too. Bontrager's Racelite IsoZone Handlebar is comfortable in all positions and the SSR stem is quite stiff.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

*NEW* 2014 Shimano Ultegra 6800 Groupset. "For Real World Riders"

2014 Shimano Ultegra 6800 Groupset is 100% Improved

photos courtesy: Shimano
For 2014, Shimano has released their Ultegra 6800 11-Speed Groupset. Dave Atkinson of interviewed Shimano's Mark Greshon. He has this to say about the new group: "Ultegra normally takes the latest technology from Dura-Ace and provides it at a much more competitive price. It's for real world riders who want good performance."
The 11-speed phenomenon with Shimano's engineering power to create this new system that "uses technology that's been proven in WorldTour races, proven at the highest level."

Riders can individually choose from a large variety of gearing options for all kinds of riding. You have the choice between a 11-23 and an 11-32 cassete, and chainring combos include 53-39, 52-36, 50-34, and cyclocross specific 46-36. The 6800 crank shares the same 4 arm design as the Dura-Ace in this category.
The brakes feature the same two axle symmetric pivot design as Dura-Ace as well, an improvement that Shimano claims increases power by about 16 percent. They are available in both a traditional and a direct mount version.
Using a shorter lever stroke which Shimano claims requires 35% less force input, gives tactile feedback to the rider that the shift has been completed. A defined *click* sound will ensure you that the gear has shifted. Improvements on ergonomics and control come from the more compact hoods and bracket grip, as well as a redesigned carbon lever.
The new wheel on the 11-speed level is the WH-6800. The wheel is lightweight on an offset rim for high rigidity and power transmission. Compatible in tubular, tube, and tubless setups. As with all Shimano wheels, the WH-6800 is 100% in-house produced and hand assembled.
The chain has also been redesigned for 11-speeds, and is coated with new surface technology called Sil-tec: an advanced surface painting technology adds a low friction surface treatment that runs smoother and lasts longer.


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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

LEAKED - The 2014 Trek Fuel 29er and Remedy 29er

 2014 Trek bikes are starting to pop up! This time it was all-of-a-sudden!

Trek first released information about this bike a few weeks ago, releasing a brand new 29er model based on the highly successful 26" Fuel EX platform. Typically Trek and other bike manufacturers make a huge deal out of a bike launch, consisting of marketing campaigns and a huge amount of media attention.

This time, Trek has taken a new approach to their bike launch, keeping it a secret from everyone. Then, last week, trek pulled off our blindfolds and allowed dealers to put their orders in for immediate delivery.

Trek has shown three versions of the 29er EX — the alloy-framed EX8, EX9 and carbon EX9.8. The alloy EX9 receives a RockShox Reverb Dropper post, Deore XT shifting and braking and a Fox Kashima fork. Sounds great, right?

Now check out the specs of the EX9.8: 
• 120mm Travel Front & Rear
• Fox DRCV Float CTD Rear Shock
• Fox Float CTD Fork
• ABP Rear Suspension Design w/ Full Floater Shock Mount
• One-piece Magnesium EVO Link
• BB95 PressFit Bottom Bracket
• ISCG Tabs
• Upper Direct Mount Front Derailleur
• 142x12mm Rear Thru-Axle
• Tapered E2 Headset w/ Net Molded Head Tube
• Internal Cable Routing for Derailleurs & Stealth Reverb Dropper Post
• Integrated Carbon Armour and Custom Chain-Slap Protector

And the EX 9.8 gets a well-rounded spec with a full Shimano Deore XT groupset and a Rockshox Reverb Stealth Dropper Post. 720mm low-rise Bontrager RXL handlebars tie all the controls together along with lock-on grips and a stubby Bontrager stem. Stay on the lookout for more posts about 2014 Trek Bikes as well as other product reviews and much much more!!

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Friday, July 5, 2013

2014 Trek Madone 7 Series Is Making Waves - First Look from The Bike Zone in Rochester

2013 Pictured- photo credit

While the Whole World Is Focused on the 2013 Tour De France, Trek introduced their new 2014 Madone 7-Series.

The new frameset has dropped in weight by 25 grams compared to the 2012 Madone 7-Series. Trek says they accomplished this by reworking the composites and layup used for construction, and that the new rear chainstay design has improved both ride quality and stopping performance from the direct-mount integrated brake units.

The bike reviewing site has used Trek's Project One website to create designs similar to that of Fabian Cancellara... the "Spartacus" Frame: custom paint, carbon Bontrager wheels, Dura-Ace and a full smattering of Bontrager lightweight carbon parts. had this to say about bulding bikes using Trek's Project One, "[The] experience can be as quick as five minutes. But with options ranging from the thousands of paint job configurations, component choices from Campagnolo, Shimano, and Sram, SRM and Quarq power meter add-ons, Bontrager wheel depth and material choices, in addition to your taste in cable housing, handlebar tape, and shifter hoods, Project One can be a lengthy, but fun, endeavor. on the other hand, has released pictures of what the Radioshack Leapord Trek riders will be riding.

So what's new on the 2014 Madone 7 series?

We've already mentioned a weight drop of 25g. The chain stays also have been stiffened near the brake for much better braking performance, and the geometry has been tweaked a bit to improve the ride feel. They did this by adding a bit of vertical flex near the end of the stays to improve comfort but still keeping great braking performance.

You can design yourself a 2014 Madone 7 on Trek's Project 1 custom program - and keep checking our blog for more on the full 2014 Lineup coming soon!